Landscape Maintenance

God’s Way Landscaping II, LLC provides Commercial and Residential Landscape Maintenance in Greensboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

Once your landscape design has been implemented, professional maintenance is needed to keep your lawn at its best. Proper landscape maintenance requires various tools and equipment that you may not have access to. Leave this job up to the professionals of God’s Way Landscaping II!

Fertilization & Nutrition
Professional quality fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to produce and maintain strong root systems for all vegetation. A healthy lawn will result in better resistance to weeds, disease and insects. When it comes to the health and nutrition of your lawn, God’s Way Landscaping II is your solution.

Mulch Supply
There is a proper way to install mulch. Too much mulch can be detrimental to your flowerbed and can cause more harm than good to your plants. Mulch should be applied at just the right depth. Applying mulch too thickly will prevent water and nutrients from penetrating the mulch layer resulting in the perfect conditions for weed seeds that land on the surface to germinate in. The purpose of applying mulch is to cut back on weeding, but incorrect application of mulch will promote more weeds.

A second concern with mulch is the type of product to use. There are so many variations of mulch, deciding on which type to use for the aesthetic appeal, as well as functionality, can be overwhelming. God’s Way Landscaping II has the knowledge and expertise to apply your mulch properly and professionally, and the creative eye to deliver the beautiful results you desire.

God’s Way Landscaping II is more than capable of maintaining the luster and beauty of your landscape design. Our techniques will deliver a pristine quality to any landscape. Let God’s Way Landscaping II be your choice for landscape maintenance. Call us today!

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