Lawn Maintenance

God’s Way Landscaping II, LLC provides Commercial and Residential Lawn Maintenance in Greensboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

God’s Way Landscaping II is proud to offer our lawn care services to keep your lawn looking healthy. Our lawn maintenance includes Aerating, Flower Bed General Maintenance, Mowing, and Trimming. Lawn Maintenance is necessary to preserve the integrity of the landscape design.

Unlike flower beds, or other areas of your landscape, your lawn usually has the highest level of utilization. Consistent walking upon, mowing, and basic play in the yard can cause soil beneath your grass to become very compacted. Compacted soil can lead to problems with air circulation, water drainage, and nutrient absorption. Beneficial soil organisms, such as earth worms, have a hard time burrowing into compacted soil.
If you want to really green up your grass and make your turf healthier and more beautiful, you should regularly aerate your lawn. With regular lawn aeration, the soil will be a better medium for your grass because there will be better air circulation. Your grass will also function more efficiently, making better use of water and nutrients it receives. God’s Way Landscaping II is the answer to your aerating needs.

Many people assume mowing the lawn would be the last thing to hire a professional company for. It seems like a simple task. But when it comes to a professional, defined look to your lawn, God’s Way Landscaping is needed to deliver the lush designs you desire. Our company has the equipment calibrated to give your lawn the specific heights of grass and design to suit your property. Give God’s Way Landscaping the opportunity to take your grass to the next level!

A lawn that has been mowed, but not trimmed is incomplete. Trimming your lawn is essential because gives your lawn a finished look. Call God’s Way Landscaping II today, to trim your lawn and give you the refined, professional appearance you so desire!

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